A CDL is a Commercial Driver’s License.

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A few newcomers in Alabama expressed interest in getting their CDL and driving trucks for a living. Upon researching this topic, we found some conflicting information. For example – that to get a CDL in Alabama, you must be a permanent resident in the USA.

We called several, local CDL training programs and asked this question explicitly. Every company we called asked their management to weigh-in. The managers confirmed that a refugee CAN obtain a CDL and drive a truck in Alabama. The only requirements for training are 1) a valid USA Driver’s License and 2) proof of address.

We even found that some states, like Wisconsin, created grants to encourage refugees to get their commercial driver’s license! How cool is that?!

We have not pursued this further but our next step is to try and find local companies willing to hire (and possibly train) our newcomers.

Here are the companies that we contacted about the CDL Training: